Creating personalised nutrition programs that foster the improvement of the mind, body and spirit.  


My Beginning

As Mother of three I had always been interested in nutrition, but was never a serious follower of good sound body, mind, and spirit practices. However, this changed for me in 2005 when my family moved from Dallas, Texas to Vancouver, British Columbia. This move ignited my passion to learn more about holistic health and nutrition and eventually lead me to enrolling at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Through using what I learnt at CSNN I was able to eliminate my digestive issues which had caused me pain and discomfort for many years. Wanting to provided others with the same pain relief I experience I launched Your Holistic Harmony in 2014. 


“The fork is your most powerful tool to change your health and the planet; food is the most powerful medicine to heal chronic illness”

Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.


Holistic Services


My role as your holistic health nutritionist is to provide, educate and support you with the benefits and health impacts of optimal nutrition and lifestyle. My holistic nutritional counselling services includes and is not limited to holistic diet planning, supplementation suggestions, lifestyle changes, and cooking classes/workshops.

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To create nurturing social connections where clients are able to learn and experience new approaches to healthy food so they feel nourished and balanced.

My Mission



'Terry is warm,compassionate and professional in every aspect. I had troubling skin problems and by working together as a team we figured out the root of my issues. Clear skin,once again." 

Jana Hermary

"I was having huge stomach aches daily when I initially reached out to Terry McGrath for a consultation, within a week of working with Terry I was feeling the results of her holistic nutrition program. I'm feeling completely better now and I'm no longer living with stomach pain. Angela In 2011, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis by my Medical Doctor and was not anxious to go on pharmaceuticals for the pain and stiffness in my fingers. Looking for a healthy alternative, I went to Terry McGrath in 2013 to discuss other options. I am glad to report that with her aid, I am feeling so much better. This has been achieved by avoiding certain trigger foods, taking supplements, and continuing to stay active. I found that working with Terry, no questions were left unanswered and her personal support was of great value to me."

-Suzanne Ortiz

"Terry shares her compassionate and intuitive gift of healing with me, my 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. My questions to Terry have ranged from the emotional roller coaster we woman face, to general health issues such as colds and flus. I’m currently walking through menopause with her helpful advice and insightful wisdom. I would highly recommend Terry for any of your health concerns."

-Shauna Marie MacDonald

I was having painful stomach aches on a daily basis when I initially reached out to Terry for a consultation, within a week of working with Terry I was feeling the results of her holistic nutrition program. I'm now feeling completely better and I'm no longer living with stomach pain.



My Recommendations

If your new to holistic medicine or are just looking for a new naturopathic company/service to try out then be sure head over to my recommendations page to check out a few of my favourite local places.  

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